Understanding Penetration Testing

We look at some of the common pitfalls for organisations when they consider Penetration Testing and how to avoid them to ensure a successful approach.

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The Definition of Cloud Computing

What actually is Cloud Computing? We've quizzed our in-house experts to give you an overview.

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Espion Training

Advanced Hacking: The Weaponised Cyber Range

Securing your environment requires more than just the theory, practical skills are a must. Take your Ethical Hacking skills to the next level during our 3 day Weaponised Cyber Range Excercise. Learn how to deploy Wireless, Bluetooth, Network and USB attacks in this extremely technical hands-on training course.


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Focus on SCADA Security

Focus on SCADA Security

Understanding the Cyber Security Risks Threatening your SCADA systems. Espion SCADA expert Mark Carolan explains how SCADA security is both similar and different to traditional IT security environments as well as some aspects to consider when implementing these complex systems.

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Espion is a collaborating member of CAMINO, an EU funded research project consisting of 10 consortium members. The aim of this project is to provide the European Commission with a comprehensive roadmap to help improve resilience against cybercrime and cyber terrorism. The first version of CAMINO is now complete and open to public comment. It is available to download here.

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  • Ask the Espion Expert: Cloud Security

    “There are serious security concerns around cloud computing relating to possible data loss - are these concerns warranted? What can companies do to protect themselves?”

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  • Espion White Paper: Information Governance in the Era of Big Data

    This paper highlights what an Information Governance framework looks like, how it applies to both structured and unstructured data, and identify how this differs when you have to deal with Big Data.

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  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures Version 3.1

    This document combines the 12 PCI DSS requirements and corresponding testing procedures into a security assessment tool.

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Espion 101: How to harness the Cloud without compromising your information security