Espion Webinar: SIEM - Simplified Security Intelligence

Espion’s SIEM expert and consultant Ross Spelman, discussed how Espion's SIEM Managed Service, which incorporates innovative technology with our experience and expertise, can bridge the gap between Security, Operations & Compliance.

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Espion Shines Spotlight on Regin – a New Computer Spyware, Discovered by Symantec

Described by Symantec as “the most sophisticated pieces of malicious software ever seen”, Espion security consultant, Michael Romain, looks at this highly advanced, and individually targeted, “fly-on-the-wall” malware threat and what measures organisations should take to keep their data safe.

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Espion Intelligence:

Social Engineering - Patching the Human

With spear phishing remaining the most common attack strategy for getting malware into an enterprise, the question remains, why do we take the bait?

Our latest 'Espion Intelligence' article tackles the latest trends in Social Engineering and is tailored to give those charged with protecting organisations a better understanding of the issues.

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